Phone System Relocation Guide

Phone System, Data and Technology Relocation guide

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Our phone system relocation guide is an easy to follow series of steps to take when planning your move.

Most businesses eventually move. Whether its you have outgrown your old site, need to save money or the lease is up and there is no option to stay. Most business owners might move a business 4 or 5 times over a lifetime. Next Telecom relocate anywhere up to 30 businesses a month so we have an in depth understanding and experience in managing Business Phone System & technology relocations.

Our experience and expertise will keep you online, your phones ringing and your data flowing, before, during and after your move.


Simple and easy to follow advice for relocating your Business Phone System

Full checklist of all the things to consider when moving office

Guidance on timeframes for installation lead times and service cancellations

Make moving an offices phone system simple

Things to consider regarding setting up Internet & Data at your new location

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Remember the key steps in any business relocation:

Planning your phone system relocation well ahead, ideally 3 months ahead of the move. Remember 100 number ranges can take 12 weeks to port!

Check the site for suitable networks and data coverage before signing a lease. Get your Site data assessment before signing your lease.

Understand if you will be taking your hardware and existing technology with you or investing in upgrades to new or next generation platforms like Teams Calling.

Consider if you are going to deploy Video Conferencing facilities at the new site.

Ensure all data cabling at new new site is adequate for your requirements.

Schedule well ahead for cabling, Fibre Internet connections and PBX relocations.

Ensure your Phone Numbers are either redirected or relocated to the new site.

Consider any other platforms like Eftpos, Hi Caps, Alarms, Fax and plan well ahead of any planned move date.

Plan your phone system relocation at least 3 months out from the move

It sounds simple enough but we still get a handful of calls each month from clients planning to relocate their phone system next week, or they have already moved and everyone is working off their mobiles. This can be a major problem and cause significant business disruption. By following the basic ground rules of business technology relocation, outlined in our Phone System relocation Guide, you can avoid any unwanted business outcomes, downtime and additional costs.

Check your site for suitable data networks

You dont want to sign a lease for your new site to find that Fibre Internet is not available or hideously expensive. Contact Next Telecom for your free business grade internet site assessment report. Our data assessment will give you a preliminary summary of all the available data and fibre networks, information on available bandwidths, advise on build costs and indicative monthly costs.

Is Fibre Internet available at my address?

Will you continue with your existing technology or refresh?

Technologies have evolved since you last moved and updated your phone system. Most of our most popular services didn't exist 5 years ago.

Microsoft Teams Calling is the phone System thats included in the Teams application of Microsoft office 365.

Business Fibre Internet. 5 years ago Business Fibre Internet was ridiculously expensive and had limited coverage. Now Fibre Internet is widely available and costs have come down by close to 70%.

Cyber Security management gives by the second updates on licensed models keeping you safe from Zero Day Threats like Ransomware.

Will you deploy Video Conferencing to the new site?

More and More business deploy Video Conferencing to leverage cost savings from travel and to put their teams into a more intimate atmosphere. Video Conferencing comes in many flavours. From small meeting room systems that deploy as an all in 1 on Teams Calling platform to large Conference and Board Rooms with with dedicated top end hardware.

Speak to the experts well in advance. Some VC hardware from Cisco can have a 150 day lead time.

Is your Data Cabling adequate?

We see it all the time. Clients move into a new site and the data cabling is short for their Data network hardware, WIFI Access Points and desks or there no cabling in place for the Video Conferencing.

We recommend you get a site cabling audit completed by a professional cabling company. To do this you will need to have the office layout with all devices labelled and located on the plans. Lead time to audit an complete all required cabling can be 4-6 weeks so our advice is to plan ahead.

The devil is in the detail

Don't forget all of the ancillary services your business needs to function. It's easy to over look other platforms like Eftpos, Door openers and buzzers, Public Address Systems, Meeting room booking platforms, Hi Caps, Alarms and Security, Fax so its wise to contact your providers well in advance of any move date.

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