Contact Centre 4 Teams

Delivering a full contact centre solution with Microsoft Teams

Contact Centre 4 Teams (CC4Teams) is a contact centre solution built on top of Microsoft Teams. By adding functionality to the native Teams architecture, CC4Teams delivers a host of features that will give your business a seamless, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage contact centre.

If you'd like your company to interact more effectively with your customers, then you need an efficient contact centre solution. CC4Teams achieves efficiency by routing your customer communications, no matter the channel, directly to your best suited employee.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Teams Functionality

Meaningful Reporting Tools

Better Customer Engagements

Fast ROI

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So easy to use...

CC4Teams has an easy-to-us, familiar and intuitive interface. This, coupled with the powerful features will deliver:

A seamless customer experience

Lower customer service costs

Your staff will enjoy:

Complete integration to Microsoft Teams, with access at any location, any time

Easy remote or office access

Speech recognition features

A graphical IVR

Integration with your CRM, ERP, WFM & ticketing systems

CC4 Teams also offers:

Real time & historical management reporting tools

Reporting that gives you the power

CC4teams gives business owners and managers an extensive array of reporting options, from the broadest overview, right down to the granular level of operations. With built-in and Power BI reporting features you'll be able to glean powerful insights from your customer interactions.

Built in reporting

Number of Available Agents

Number of Busy Agents

Longest Wait Time

Average Wait Time

Average Handle Time

Scheduling of Report Delivery by Email

Power BI reporting

Using Microsoft Power BI to clean, transform and present your call centre data giving your users reports such as:

Historical Heatmaps

Presence Status Reporting

Webchat, Social Media and Email Reporting

Historical Reporting Total Calls, Abandoned Calls and others

Power BI real-time reporting

Giving you real-time overview of your contact centre operations.

Total Calls Today

Total Handled Calls

Abandoned Calls

Average Answer Time

Longest Wait Time

Boost your Customer Experience

Our omni-channel customer contact solution is certified by Microsoft and natively integrated in Teams, Dynamics or Skype for Business. All features are managed in one tool and accessible in one client. The addition of extended web chat and social media features make CC4Teams the most complete, versatile, and flexible omni-channel solution in the Microsoft UC Customer Contact market today.

Omni-channel customer engagements done right

Today, customers expect consistent and effective omni-channel engagement options. CC4Teams achieves this by delivering across all your serviced channels - not just voice.


Engage your customers through your webchat widget on your website. Mandatory web chat fields for the customer to pre-fill, enables your agents to get the right information, first time and so better the customer engagement


Social media is the fastest growing avenue for customer engagement. CC4teams offers Instagram, Facebook, What’s App, SMS and many more social media options for you to interact with your customers.


CC4Teams allows businesses to treat emails as a method of contact centre engagement. Organise inbound emails from customers easily so that your agents have the power to respond effectively and immediately.

Releasing Microsoft Teams' true potential

Microsoft Teams has been a key enabler of enterprise communications and collaboration for organisations worldwide, but when Microsoft technology is enhanced with further powerful software it can provide a lifeline for businesses struggling to maintain high CX.

Integrating the CC4Teams solution from Next Telecom into Microsoft Teams deployments improves First Call Resolution rates, links customer service agents scattered across multiple locations and provides businesses with a powerful, tailored solution supporting both on-premise and remote contact centre operations.

Making communication and collaboration second nature

MS Teams makes collaboration and communication second nature. CC4Teams recognizes the power and takes it further, providing your Contact Centre agents with even more tools to communicate and collaborate like a pro!

Many integrations, all on the same screen

There are so many integrations possible with the CC4Teams contact sentre solution, it's mind-boggling! Pull up a web page directly on a team page or any Office 365 applications, Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint. Show historical or real-time reports, or build ever more powerful PowerBi reports — anything your agents need to be even more productive and confident. The Contact Centre of the future is here now!

Fast ROI on Microsoft Teams CC4Teams deployments

Our cost effective deployments mean you get an ROI fast. And we don't just deliver a bare bones solution. Our contact centre solutions offer a feature rich but cost effective solution.

Our cost effective deployments mean you get an ROI fast. And we don't just deliver a bare bones solution. Our contact centre solutions offer a feature rich but cost effective solution.

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