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Calling Plans for the Microsoft 365 Teams Phone System

Teams Calling is Microsoft's Cloud Based Phone System built in the Microsoft Teams application. Its the Microsoft 365 Phone System in the cloud or sometimes called Microsoft 365 business voice. The Microsoft Phone System can be delivered over Direct Routing or the New Operator Connect platform.

Teams Calling, also known as Direct Routing allows you to port your business phone numbers into to the Teams application and make and receive calls from the app.

Microsoft Teams Calling is a full enterprise grade phone system providing a professional call experience with Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Voicemail to Email, Video Calls and Conference/ Meetings, Music and Messages On Hold while working in the office, on the road or at home. You can BYO headsets saving on deployment costs or choose from the latest range of Teams Calling Handsets.

Features and Benefits

Unlimited Teams Calling Plans from $15 per month

Australian based support

Number porting of PSTN, ISDN, Mobile or VoIP Numbers

Work from Home seamlessly

Multi-national and Multi-site

Handsets not required

Call Recording, Call Reporting and Contact Centre integration

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Use the Microsoft Teams Phone System inside Office 365 - Teams Calling Plans

From $10 per month PAYG or from $15p/m Unlimited, you can enjoy the simplicity and ease that comes with the Microsoft Teams Calling application located within the Office 365 (O365) suite. Teams allows you to make calls directly from the Teams application with no need for on-prem phone system or hardware.

Choose by the user with PAYG or Unlimited Australian Teams Calling Plans, or ask us about our Multi-National Teams deployments. (note there is a minimum of 10 users for Teams Calling)

Now your teams can make and receive calls, communicate via chat, video calls and conferencing to people inside and outside your workplace using a single system - rather than using different tools for different calls. This is how we do it.

Teams Calling Deployment

The Next Telecom team will help you choose the correct Microsoft Office 365 licence type to enable Teams Calling.

We then take care of everything else including setting up your Teams Calling Plan and manage your number porting. We will get you set up and trained on how to self manage and work with your Microsoft partner to deliver an outstanding Teams Calling Solution.

We know that every business is different, so we work with you to understand how your business works, to develop your customised Teams Calling solution.

Work from Home, Work from Anywhere

Using the Microsoft Teams calling, now everyone in your business, no matter where they are, can be connected with your business phone system for voice calls & video conferencing to people inside and outside of the business. Microsoft 365 gives you the ultimate Unified Communications solution.

Add Call Recording option for Compliance, Training & Quality Assurance

Add Call Reporting & Analytics option for insight into Client behaviors

Add Contact Centre for Teams Calling from Australia's experts

Multi-National? No problem we deploy Teams Calling to over 100 countries

Teams Calling Number Porting

Number porting is available so you can bring your PSTN, ISDN, Mobile or VoIP Numbers to Direct Routing for Teams.

Phone number portability allows you to move existing phone numbers to the new system, or you can choose to allocate new ones. Bring as many number as you need or we can allocate new numbers for you.

Handsets are not required with Teams Calling!

With Microsoft Teams Calling you can use handsets but they are not absolutely necessary. Around 90% of our users are electing to run without a desk phone. Any device with the Microsoft Teams application can be used with a suitable headset so your PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile all become extensions of your phone system.

It's really simple. We work with your Microsoft Partner or IT Team to deliver the Microsoft Teams calling solution

Your Microsoft Partner activates the Phone System. We provide the lines and the Microsoft Teams Calling Plan. You make voice and video calls. It's that simple.

As more and more Business & Enterprise clients migrate to Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration and communication cloud-based platform, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as Service will grow to be the default platform for business with 20+ staff.

All you need for the Microsoft Teams Phone System is Internet connectivity, a Microsoft Office 365 subscription with PBX (provided by your chosen Microsoft partner) and you're away. We think we have the best value Microsoft Teams Calling Plans in Australia.

Teams Calling Delivers an ROI of up to 185% for SMEs

A recent Forrester report into the economic impact of business changing from legacy and IP phone systems to Teams Calling found the SMEs that change to Teams Calling can have an ROI of 185% from cost savings, efficiencies and other benefits.

Call Recording for Teams Calling with Analytics

Our suite of Native Teams products includes Call Recording for Teams with AI Powered analytics that can record sentiment so your team can really understand the nature of your business Interaction with your clients.

Call Reporting for Teams Calling

Get real time reporting of your phone system call flows and volumes to allow for quality control and resource planning using the Next Telecom Call Reporting Platform for the Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Integrate your existing contact centre PBX with Microsoft Teams Calling

We know many business want to switch their staff to Microsoft Teams calling. But they have a sunk cost or are contracted with their legacy Contact Centre PBX. Next Telecom has both Native & Hybrid Microsoft Teams Calling Contact Centre solution. This allows your staff to make and receive calls within the Teams environment and allows call transfers between your staff and call centre teams.

Multinational Business? Multi Site Business? No Problem!

You may be running the phone system for an International business. Our Microsoft Teams Global Calling platform is for you.

Or maybe you have multiple sites around Australia using a range of disparate phone systems and you're trying to make them work together. The Phone System within Microsoft Office 365 Teams calling application is perfect for you.

Using the Microsoft Teams PBX and a suitable Microsoft Teams call plan you can bring all of your sites into the one room on a single unified phone system. And it doesn't matter where in the world you are located, Microsoft Teams Calling using Direct Routing works no matter where you are. Microsoft Teams Calling allows for very cost effective deployments with low monthly plan fees.

Next Telecom is a Microsoft Partner for Gold Communications

Being an MS Gold Partner for Communications means something!

Its means that Next Telecom has been certified by Microsoft for our MS Teams Calling products and our ability to deploy them.

So choosing Next Telecom is choosing a Microsoft Teams Partner you can trust.

Why Next Telecom?


With stacks of experience in delivering next-generation ICT solutions, our Teams Calling onboarding is world class.


Want to keep your existing phone numbers? Number portability allows you to retain your existing numbers on Teams Calling.


No matter where your business is located, Next Telecoms Teams calling network access can deliver business services.


Order the number of Microsoft Teams Calling users you need now, and scale up (or down) quickly if required.

Australia Based SUPPORT

Australian based and customer service focused engineers in our Sydney & Melbourne Offices.


All you need to do is have your Office 365 plan and your numbers ready to port to Teams. We work with your MSP to do the rest.

Speak to a Microsoft Teams solutions consultant now

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