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Business Fibre Internet - Fast & Reliable Fibre Business Broadband up to 10GB

Business Fibre Internet is a premium, high performance business broadband service that provides the speed and bandwidth that is crucial for modern, data hungry businesses. Bandwidths of up to 10GB Fibre are now available!


10GB Fibre Internet now available

10Gb, Gigabit, Fibre 400 & Layer 2 Business Internet

Multiple enterprise grade business fibre internet options

4G failover available on our Reach Fibre up to 40/40Mbps

Reach 4G failover available using same IP as the Fibre Service

Rapid Activation - Deploy 100/50Mbps 4G in 10-15 Days

Highly reliable, backed by guaranteed 99.95% uptime SLA

Super fast symmetrical internet speeds suitable for apps, voice, video, VPN, MPLS

Australian based support

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High quality Fibre Internet bandwidths of 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 250Mbps, 400Mbps, 500Mbps, 1000Mbps, 2000Mbps, 5000Mbps and 10GB available.

Delivered using ultra-reliable fibre broadband- and powered by Australia’s largest and most trusted networks - our scalable service offers reliable internet, maximum download speeds, symmetrical bandwidth and unlimited data. Business Fibre Internet at a price that won’t break the bank.

Offering excellent content adjacencies, our Business Fibre internet services connect you more directly to the cloud content and applications you use. And it's not expensive. A business with 20 staff could have a Business Fibre broadband service at less than 65c per employee per day.

Rapid Activation

Rapid Activation using up to 100/50 4G on our Reach Fibre is available using our NTU on layer 2 (with the same IP address as the Fibre) or BYO device on our layer 3. This means we can get your business up and running within days of ordering while waiting for your Fibre service to be connected and if you order our layer 2 Fibre, the IP address on the 4G will be the same as the IP address your fibre service.

We can even deliver this Layer 2 Rapid Activation device to your current address with the new IP so you can get your network configured before installing the NTU at your new site.

4G Failover using the Same IP Address as the Fibre

One of the issues facing Network Managers when adding data link redundancy has been Managing IP transition between data links in the event of a network failover. Previously Network Managers would need to manage this via clever Network Device Management.

Our reach Fibre now has 4G failover with IP transparency providing continuity of service in the transparent IP in the event of a link outage without the need for external device management to handle this circumstance. The SIM slot is built into the NTU and the traffic routes over the same tunnel on our Layer 2 network giving this network assurance.

Ask us about our options for Symmetrical 4G Failover on our Reach Fibre using the same IP address as the Fibre Internet, for seamless failover. Using the Same IP address means if you have an outage your service keeps running without having to reconfigure your network.

Gigabit Internet - 1000/1000Mbps fibre is now widely available

A few years ago 10/10Mbps was the standard Business Grade Data Bandwidth. Now Gigabit business broadband with 1000/1000Mbps is widely available and cost effective from $699 a month across Australia's Capital cities.

Dedicated bandwidth gives you predictable, rapid performance for a great user experience – so that you can collaborate with ease.

10GB Fibre Internet is now available!

Yes you read correctly. 10Gb/10Gb Fibre Internet is now available in selected Metro locations and buildings in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth and in broader areas using our Reach Fibre Internet. Ask us for a site check for ultra fast Business Fibre Internet.


Add Teams Calling or our Cloud Business IP Phone System to your business internet plan for the perfect business bundle.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment up to 100/50Mbps is available on Reach Fibre Business Internet plans to get you working sooner.

Failover protection

4G failover using the Same IP as the Fibre on Reach Fibre plans up to 40/40Mbps for ultimate reliability & redundancy.

Australian Based support

Your services Business Fibre Internet services are supported by our award winning Australian based team.

How does 4G Mobile Backup work?

Don't suffer from loss of connectivity, get ultimate reliability & redundancy from our 4G Mobile Backup solution.

Ethernet Access - Mobile Backup makes the dramatic impact of fibre downtime a thing of the past, automatically switching connectivity over from fibre to mobile using same IP address if the primary fibre service is unavailable and switches back to fibre when connectivity is restored. You’ll also be notified when the switchovers have happened.

Fibre Internet Plans & Features

How do plans compare?
Fast Fibre
Next Fibre
Plan cost from
Install cost
Symmetrical bandwidths
Fibre network type
Class of Service
Suitable for MPLS?
Suitable for SD-WAN?
4G Rapid Deployment available?
4G Failover available?
4G Failover same IP as Fibre?
Enhanced Fault SLAs?
Free - subject to site qualification
250, 400, 1000Mbps & 10Gbps
1:1 or Contended
Layer 3
PIR - High CoS
Yes - Data plan limited
Yes (12-4Hrs)
Free - subject to site qualification
100, 200, 500Mbps & 1, 2, 5 & 10Gbps
Layer 2
PIR/CIR - High CoS
Yes (up to 100/50)
Yes - Carrier NTU up to 40/40 or 100/50 unlimited
Yes (12-4Hrs)

Get your Business Broadband availability report

Contact Next Telecom for your site business broadband availability report. With one click Next Telecom will help you interrogate multiple carrier networks and give you the available Fibre business internet solution bandwidths and your business internet plan pricing guidance.

Ask us about our promotional offers on Business Fibre internet *Conditions apply 1300 722 320

Carrier grade fibre reliability

Fibre is the best available means of connecting to business broadband. For Corporate, SMEs and Small businesses, Fibre Business Broadband offers maximum download speeds, symmetrical upload speeds, web security, reliable Internet and scalability that are second to none, with speeds of up to 10Gbps.

All Links are symmetrical and offer unlimited downloads and when connected with suitable WiFi modems & access points, provide cable-free connectivity throughout your sites. High speed Internet delivered over Fibre is now available in more locations than ever before.

As an Australian based business broadband provider, Next Telecom Fibre Business Broadband offers unbeatable reach. You can choose from our Layer 2 network reaching all parts of Australia or our Layer 3 straight business broadband services. No matter what you choose, you get a carrier-grade national network provider backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA.

Is Fibre Internet available at my address?

Why Next Telecom?

99.95% UPTIME

Industry leading Business Fibre Internet fault restoration SLAs. For even greater peace of mind, consider adopting a 4G failover using the same IP address as the Fibre. This sits inside the Network Termination Unit via our Layer 2 Reach platform. No need for LTE device.


Businesses that have business fibre often need more. SD-WAN, Cloud Firewall, 4G failover & rapid deployment available.


Up to 10Gbps Business broadband with fast upload speeds & with Layer 2 & 3 services your cloud apps & content will run like a dream.

No Matter where

If business fibre is available at your site, we’ll deliver it. Through our Layer 2 and Layer 3 network coverage, we cover most locations.

Unlimited Data

With unlimited data on our Fibre Business Broadband there’s no need to worry about data hungry applications.


1. Fibre Internet Site Qualification
2. Capability & Fibre Internet Plan pricing
3. Order
4. Delivery

It's that simple. Ask about our enhanced SLAs.

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